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We can be your product development and custom manufacturing partner, and make your design, plan or even just an idea become real products.


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Being in the plastic tooling and molding business for more than 23 years, our engineering team is quite stable, professional and richly experienced, most of our customers become our friends, one of the reasons is because they like asking our engineers for advices on constructions and processes at lower cost but with good and stable quality.

Before working with us, Mr. John from Australia had searched for two years to find a solution to upgrade his product from the full plastic construction to the plastic+metal inserting construction. The main difficulty is how to hold the several thin metal sheets on the exactly correct positions when molding as there does not have positioning place on the metal sheet. After several times of discussions, prototypings, and tests, finally our engineering team designed insert molding + over molding construction on the tooling that can absolutely solve the metal positioning issue, and our professional molding engineers can control the part surface perfectly by over molding two hard plastic materials together. Now the product went to mass production.


We believe in our customers, no MOQ is the best way to show our support for their business. Rome wasn’t built in one day, being in the manufacturing business over 23 years, we understand any new products or new companies take time to evolve, so we never treat small orders differently, all orders are equally important to us.



Since we have an experienced engineering team and manufacturing capability with full equipment for tooling, molding, main post decoration, assembly and testing, we can offer one-stop service from designs or concepts to finished products. Mr. Gorge from New York just gave us an idea that he needed to make a light with charging function, which was for Africa as a welfare project. Our engineering team spent 3 months to design, make prototypes, test, modify, and finally complete it and put into production. We managed the whole project including the electronic design and procurement with our electronic partner.

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About Us

Plastic Navigation Industrial  Ltd is a custom manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and molding, including product assembly in Dongguan, China (1 hour driving from HongKong airport).

We can offer professional product developing and manufacturing solution: product design & prototyping, mould design & tooling, injection molding as well as post decoration processing, assembly and testing all in one package service.

Our group consists of a highly qualified management team, a powerful and professional engineering and technical team, experienced mold manufacturing technicians, and a passionate sales team, which offers professional project management for your projects.

We can be your product development and contracted manufacturing partner, and make your design, plan or even just an idea become real products.

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