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Get high-quality molds and affordable plastic parts from China. Your injection molds and production are completely made in house.

Injection molding services

PlasticNavi is a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer with almost 30 years’ experience. As a professional injection mold company in China, we provide services ranging from designing plastic parts and molds to manufacturing molds and castings. We are able to turn injection molded product ideas into reality for a variety of industries and applications.

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We are the leading Chinese injection mold manufacturer, providing high-quality customized molds and precision plastic injection molding.


Our attractive price, professional service, excellent communication and in-house support guarantee you a good business.


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Rich engineering experience

As we have been in the field of plastic mold and tooling for more than 23 years, our engineering team is very stable, professional and highly experienced. Most of our customers have become our friends, partly because they like to ask our engineers for advice on designs and processes at lower cost with good and stable quality.


Before working with us, Mr. John from Australia had been looking for a solution for two years to change his product from an all-plastic design to one with plasticand metal inserts. The main difficulty was keeping the various thin metal sheets in the exact right places during molding, as there is no positioning option on the metal sheet. After several discussions, prototypes and tests, our engineering team finally developed a design of inserts and injection molds that can absolutely solve the metal positioning problem. Now the product is going into mass production.


We believe in our customers, no MOQ is the best way to show our support for their business. Rome was not built in a day. Having been in the manufacturing business for over 23 years, we know that new products or new businesses take time to develop.

One stop service

Because we have an experienced engineering team and manufacturing capabilities with complete equipment for tooling, casting, main decoration, assembly and testing, we can provide a one-stop service from design or concept to finished product.


Mr. Gorge from New York gave us the idea to design a light with charging function for a charity project in Africa. Our engineering team spent 3 months designing, prototyping, testing, modifying and finally finishing the product and putting it into production. We managed the entire project including electronic design and procurement with our electronics partner.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

Sophisticated high-tech machinery for mold making and injection molding.

About PlasticNavi

Plastic Navigation Industrial  Ltd is a custom manufacturer of plastic injection molds and molding, including product assembly in Dongguan, China (1 hour driving from HongKong airport).

We offer professional solutions for product development and manufacturing: product design and prototyping, mold making and tooling, injection molding as well as finishing, assembly and testing – all in one package.


Our group consists of a highly qualified management team, a powerful and professional engineering and technical team, experienced mold making technicians and a passionate sales team that provides professional project management for your projects.


We can be your partner in product development and contract manufacturing, turning your design, plan or even an idea into a real product.

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