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Our team of mechanical engineers possesses extensive knowledge in mold structure. They are proficient in designing feasible and reliable part structures that meet customer requirements while optimizing tooling costs, maximizing value for our clients.

We offer comprehensive assistance in prototype creation, product analysis, prototype testing, and product function implementation. Developing a functional plastic prototype enables you to explore and evaluate various types of plastics, aiding in the selection of the most suitable option for your product in terms of strength, durability, color, and long-term cost. Moreover, it allows you to test your product’s performance before investing in full-scale tooling. We make prototypes by 3D printing, CNC machining, or Rapid prototyping based on different requirements.

Throughout our years of experience in plastic manufacturing, we have consistently provided design and Prototyping services for plastic parts. Our customers approach us at various stages of the concept and design process, ranging from initial ideas to even a mere drawing on a napkin!

We employ advanced technologies such as AUTOCAD, PRO-E, SOLID WORKS, and UG for part design, as well as Mastercam for mold design. Our supported file formats include EXE, EASM, DWG, PDF, X_T, IGS, STP, among others.

Additionally, we have a reliable electronics partner who offers comprehensive services in electronics design, including hardware and software development, PCBA sampling, and mass production.

With PlasticNavi’s expertise and support, your idea or design sketch can materialize into a tangible, market-ready product.

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