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With an average of 20 years of experience in the tooling industry, our skilled mold engineering team, comprising expert mold designers and tooling engineers, is well-equipped to provide comprehensive mold flow analysis and deliver optimal tooling solutions tailored to your product’s structure and specific requirements

Our mold design director boasts over twenty years of experience in the mold industry, and our mold design engineers each have over ten years of experience. They possess comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, procedures, and mold component standards such as HASCO, DME, and MISUMI. Furthermore, they have a deep understanding of injection molding technology, various plastic resin properties, and the characteristics of ordinary steel. Leveraging this expertise, our mold design team can deliver thorough mold flow analysis and recommend the most suitable mold solution tailored to your product.

To ensure efficient and precise mold design work, we employ widely-used software tools such as AUTOCAD, PRO-E, SOLIDWORKS, UG, and others. Additionally, we have the capability to open various file formats, including DWG, PDF, X_T, IGS, STP, and more.

Our dedicated tooling factory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for mold making, including high-speed and medium-speed CNC machines, EDM, wire-cutting, grinding, drilling, lathes, milling machines, and more. We also possess high-precision detection equipment and follow strict measurement procedures. Furthermore, we have dedicated molding machines solely for mold testings, along with highly experienced mold testing and inspection technicians. Our complete facilities and streamlined workflow enable us to offer competitive mold prices to our customers.


Quality Standard


Before commencing a mold project, experienced engineers conduct project meetings to thoroughly study and discuss each system, ensuring their long-term reliability.

Heat Treatment

Steel heat treatment is performed by our supplier, a renowned steel company.

Highly Trained Workforce

All workers undergo comprehensive training to ensure consistent attention to detail throughout the mold manufacturing process.

Quality Control:

Prior to packing a mold, we thoroughly inspect every insert to ensure optimal quality. Likewise, for finished products, we have a detailed process to check their appearance and functionality. These quality standards exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional products and ensuring customer satisfaction.


After mold testing, we measure the part samples according to the provided drawings and meticulously record the measurement report.


After each machining process, we measure the steel to ensure precision and accuracy.

Quality Assurance

Following mold testing, a project meeting is held to analyze testing conditions and any encountered issues, leading to collaborative discussions and problem-solving.

Material Quality

We exclusively procure steel and mold bases from reputable companies such as LKM and MINGLEE, who provide material certificates to guarantee the quality. For mass production, we only purchase original plastic resin from the original manufacturers, official distributors, or approved suppliers specified by the client.

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