Injection Molding

PlasticNavi is your trusted partner for plastic part production. With our dedicated plastic injection molding shop, we specialize in the precise manufacturing process of injecting molten material into molds to create high-quality parts. Our facility is equipped with a skilled team of experienced professionals who operate advanced equipment with clamping pressures ranging from 50 to 500 tons. This enables us to handle a wide range of projects, accommodating material weights from 0.1 grams to 2.0 kg per cycle.

We offer various injection molding processes, including single injection molding, two-color injection molding, overmolding, and insert molding. Our advanced machines are computer-controlled, ensuring optimal efficiency in setup, process control, and monitoring. Most of our injection machines are equipped with robotic hands, enabling automated production. This guarantees precise and consistent results, while also reducing labor costs and minimizing scrap rates, saving you valuable resources.

At PlasticNavi, we have extensive experience in producing plastic parts for diverse industries, such as automotive, electronic, medical, lighting, personal care, sports equipment, home appliances, and more. We specialize in customizing plastic parts according to your specific requirements. Throughout the production process, our dedicated QC staff continuously monitor and inspect the quality of the parts, ensuring the highest level of quality control.

With a strong commitment to excellence, PlasticNavi has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality plastic tools and parts at competitive prices. Partner with us and benefit from our decades of expertise in the industry.

Lab Equipment

 At PlasticNavi, we prioritize the implementation of a rigorous quality management process during injection molding and product manufacturing. To ensure the high standards of quality, we have a range of advanced lab equipment and testing capabilities available in-house.

Our lab equipment includes Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) for precise dimensional measurement and verification of product specifications. We also conduct drop tests to assess the durability and impact resistance of your products. Additionally, our lifespan tests evaluate the longevity and reliability of the products under various conditions. We can perform impact tests to measure the strength and resilience of the materials used in your products.

Having these testing capabilities in-house allows us to maintain strict control over quality and ensure that your products meet the high standards. Our experienced team utilizes the lab equipment to perform thorough evaluations and inspections, providing you with the assurance of product reliability and performance.

  • Constant temperature and humidity test box
  • IPX7 waterproof tester
  • Motor life tester
  • Vibration tester
  • Salt spray tester
  • Comprehensive battery tester
  • Power tester
  • High voltage tester
  • Electrical life tester
  • CMM

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