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Our story with Klein started 13 years ago in 2010. KLEIN GMBH is a German company dealing in switch panels. At that time, Mr. Klein came to us and asked us to offer a quotation. We gave the quotation with the detailed tooling solution, and the customer was very satisfied with the price and the solution. Since we hadn’t cooperated with each other, the client was a little worried. We suggested starting with small projects to build mutual trust.

As we all know, the Germans are very demanding on quality, Mr. Klein required a mirrored highlight on the switch panel, there must be no imperfections on the surface, because the switch panel is white, and mirror polishing effect, if there is any defect, it will be obvious in the product, and the requested resin PC’s fluidity is not very good, which easy to generate weld marks, that means it’s difficult, this will test the professionalism of the mold even more. Our engineers according to their own rich mold industry experience, started with the reasonable arrangement of injection gate, thimbles, cooling system, etc., Do DFM analysis and mold flow analysis at the same time, Optimize the mold structure, Make the mold can run high quality and efficiently, And ensure that the surface will not have flow marks and weld marks. We finished the mold and produced samples which satisfied the customer very much, Through our rich experience, good communication, high quality, comprehensive service to impress customers.

Finally, the customer became a good partner and suggested a deep friendship with us, Every time customers send samples to us to build molds, they will incidentally send small gifts to us.

So, as long as you find us and trust us, we will certainly use our professional expertise to assist you in product development and provide wholehearted service.

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