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Project Development Process

Project development and project management are the keys to the success and quality of products. For each project, a project engineer is appointed who has extensive knowledge of tooling and plastic injection molding. They all have a good command of English. The project engineers are responsible for keeping track of the tooling schedule and reporting to the customer in a timely manner on any issues and progress of the project they are overseeing. The project engineer also guarantees that the customer’s technical requirements are met.


Project management objectives

  • On-time delivery – ensuring that the client’s project is produced according to the client’s standards and requirements.
  • Everything is communicated in a timely and clear manner.
  • Complete project management and support from concept to final parts acceptance and approval.

PlasticNavi is good at manufacturing plastic moldings used in industrial and packaging applications. According to customers’ requirements, we discuss with our customers the raw material needed, the color master batch needed, the size of mold needed, the size of molding machine needed, the estimate of cycle time, the report to calculate the production time and so on. After that, we also provide part design service, mold making service, mass production organization, post-processing and assembly service.

For each mold project, we cater to the customer’s specifications to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Our injection molding technology conforms to the D&B D-U-N-S work system and meets high industry standards. We can mold any type of plastic, metal and rubber projects for our customers. We have state of the art machinery that can handle small and large molding projects, and can also produce thermoplastics, engineering plastics, silicone rubber and metal parts.

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