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Product Design & Prototyping

Our mechanical engineers are very knowledgeable about the structure of molds. They are able to design a reasonable and reliable part structure according to the customer’s requirements while reducing tooling costs to create maximum value for the customer.

We help you not only with the creation of prototypes and the analysis of products but also with the testing of the prototypes and the implementation of the function of the products.

We have a reliable electronics shareholder who can provide you with full service for electronics design including hardware and software, PCBA sampling and mass production.

With the help of PlasticNavi, your idea, design sketch can become a real product.

Injection molding is the only way to make a functional, working prototype out of plastic.

Developing a functional plastic prototype helps you find and test different types of plastic so you can choose the one that will work for your product in terms of strength, durability, color, and cost over the long term. It also allows you to test your product before investing money in tooling.


Injection-molded prototypes do not just serve to show you what your part/product will look like in the end. They also serve to ensure that the design of the injection mold itself is optimized for full-scale production. Always remember: your plastic parts are only as good as the mold in which they are made.

product design and prototyping service

We have been designing and engineering plastic parts for as long as we have been manufacturing them. Our customers come to us at all stages of the concept and design process. We have even started with a drawing on a napkin!


We use technologies like SolidWorks CAD, AUTOCAD, PRO -E, SOLID WORK, UG to design parts and Mastercam to design molds. File formats we support include EXE, EASM, DWG, PDF, X_T, IGS, STP, etc.

FAQs about product design and prototyping

A prototype mold is a low-cost mold made before production. This mold is used to test the product before it goes into final production.

Prototype testing involves testing your prototype with real users to validate design decisions before development begins. The goal is to identify problems and areas for improvement early, so you can make the necessary changes before development begins and create a product that meets user needs and expectations.

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