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Plastic Part Molding

PlasticNavi is your partner for the production of plastic parts. We have our own plastic injection molding shop. Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mold.


Our injection molding shop has 50 tons ~1100 tons injection molding machines, so we are able to produce a range of products in different sizes, from micro precision parts to large housings. We can do two-color injection molding, overmolding, and injection molding.

Our ISO9001:2008 certified injection molding factory has 60 injection molding machines with capacity from 50 to 800 tons. We can produce plastic injection molding, double color injection molding, overmolding, and insert molding in various sizes, from micro-precision parts to large housings.


We focus on implementing a strict quality management process for injection molding and product manufacturing, and can also carry out a series of tests such as CMM measurement, drop test, service life and impact test within the company.

Plastic product manufacturing at our factory

Our plastics manufacturing facility employs a team of experienced and dedicated people who operate equipment with clamping pressures ranging from 50 to 800 tons, capable of injecting between 0.5 grams and 2.0 kg of material per cycle. All machines are computer controlled for optimum efficiency in set-up, process control and monitoring. Our injection molding machines are designed for repeatability and help lower labor costs and reduce scrap rates, saving you money.


Plastic injection molding: 60 machines with clamping force from 50 to 800 tons.
Shot capacity: from less than one gram to 2KG per cycle.
Custom colors: custom plastic parts according to your specifications.
Injection molding: allows full integration of other custom injection molding components, such as brass thread inserts, into the plastic molding in the cycle.

We have experience in various plastic products for many industries including: Automotive, medical, lighting, sports equipment, home appliances and agriculture. We also have QC staff who constantly monitor our production and check the quality of parts to ensure that our production provides the highest level of quality. Over the past decades, PlasticNavi has earned a good reputation for producing high quality plastic tools and parts at a reasonable price.

Injection molding

Application examples

FAQs about plastic part molding

Plastic injection molding, also called injection molding, is the main method of producing thermoplastic materials.


In plastic injection molding, plastic pellets or powder are placed in the hopper of an injection molding machine, where they are melted under heat to obtain a flowing state. Then, the molten plastic is injected under a specific pressure through the injection nozzle and the mold’s sprue system into a closed mold. After cooling and molding, the molten plastic is solidified into the desired plastic part.

The injection process refers to the recurring sequence (1 cycle) from mold clamping, to plasticizing, injecting, cooling, feeding, opening the mold, and ejecting.

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