One of the best plastic mold company

One of the best plastic mold company

PlasticNavi one of the best plastic mold company. Plasticnavi works with plastic injection tooling and molding which is followed by quality maintenance, testing, decoration, assembly, small batch and mass manufacturing of large range of products. They have an experience of 23 years with the best engineering team which is stable, professional and highly experienced and they provide their customers with best friendly behavior and quality products at a cheapest rate. Plastic injection molding has become one of the day to day life necessity as they provide everyday usage product worldwide.

Plastic injection molding is a process where plastic materials are manufactured through melting plastic and injecting it in the molds. Plasticnavi uses from 50 tons up to 1100 tons of machine for making micro definitiveness up to larger products.

They are one of the plastic injection molding companies which does not have any minimum order quantity as they support from small business to larger product provider. For designing they have made a great reputation from manufacturing very thin plastic to larger plastics which are used on appliances, household, medical equipment, electronics, pipe fitting, automotive, interior and exterior users etc.

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Plasticnavi is a one stop service as they consult with designs up to manufacturing. They discuss the prototype, designs, modifications, quality, usage and much more according to their tests and inform their customers. They have become one of the excellent plastic injection molding companies which managed to provide vast amount of designs and products with the best quality.

Plasticnavi goes through several steps; from receiving orders, discussion, analyzing the mold flow and design, confirming from customers, purchasing the suitable materials including metals and plastic, perfect measurements, finishing, assembly, testing, quality check, packaging and delivery.

They use software like AutoCAD, PRO-E, solid work, UG which is the part of the plastic injection molding tech. The company has design director with experience of more than 20 years and mold construction engineers with experience of more than 10 years. They are quite familiar with the manufacturing process, procedure, standard, testing. They use most components for the maintenance of standard product manufacturing such as HASCO, DME, Misumi. They are expert in injection molding technology, perfect usage of plastic resin and common steel property.

Plasticnavi can also manufacture prototypes. Prototype is the step between formalization and evaluation of an idea. Plasticnavi works with the perfect prototyping of a new design to enhance precision by system analysis. Engineers of this company works on the exact characteristics of their prototype intended to design to provide best service to their customers.

Their factory has sufficient and required equipment for manufacturing purpose. They are one of the manufacturing companies near me those who are concerned with the perfect mold making. Going through design, testing and finalizing the molding process, Plasticnavi is one of the competitive companies which is concerned with best quality and minimum pricing.

They can do plastic molding, double color injection molding, inserting molding for different sizes of parts, overmolding, inserting metals and thus has secured one of the best plastic injection molding services worldwide. They strictly focus on measurement, life span, drop testing and impact testing etc in their factories.

They are one of the good 3D prototyping companies as they help to arrange, design prototypes accordingly and analyzing the products through testing. They have reliable electronics shareholder who offer package service for electronic design including hardware and software, mass production and PCBA sampling. They provide best design of sketch of 3D prototyping for giving up realistic visualization for manufacturing products.

Plasticnavi started their plastic injection molding service in 1993. Their first mold manufacturing started in 1997. They are based in China and provides worldwide service. They are situated in DongGuan city, China. They are one of the top plastic injection molding manufacturer with maintaining service and international standard.

They are fully equipped with necessary machinery. They have engineers for designing, injection molding, assembly, testing and finalizing the product before mass production.

At last for complete finishing they have complete post processing equipment which includes screen printing, pad printing, sonic welding, spray painting, laser etching, EMI, UV, rubber oil and much more they are one of the best plastic injection and prototype manufacturing companies near me. They make custom plastic parts for household appliances and also test them for household safety.

Plasticnavi according to their customer needs they have gained as a great reputation of invention prototype builders. They have secured one of the top prototype manufacturing, injection tooling and molding services worldwide. If I ever need to choose a nearby company for production of plastic near me then I will definitely choose Plasticnavi over anything. They are one of the best plastic mold maker having an experience of more than 23 years.

In order to make the best products, injection molding parts is very important. For custom plastic parts they have good injection molding machine which includes hopper, barrel, clamping unit, base which is controlled and maintained for maintaining the plastic quality. Components that are required for tooling our ejector sleeve, ejector pin, guide bush, temperature regulating system, exhaustion unit, runner system, mold core, mold cavity, cylinder, slide retainer and much more.

There is no doubt that Plasticnavi will not fulfill and satisfy their customers with the best facility.

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